Advantages of Owning a Segway

Segway, as defined in the dictionary, is a personal motorized vehicle that is 2- wheeled. It comes with a platform designed for the feet which are attached above an axle. It is in an upright post surmounted by handles”. The name actually originated from the word ‘Segue’, which means “to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly without interruption”. Very similar to that definition, a Segway is designed to transport people from one place to another smoothly. These rides have become popular because of its many advantages. Here are just some of them. People love using their Segway to avoid traffic. Because of its size and its ability to roll even at the sidewalk, they are used in cities where heavy traffic is a natural thing.


People don’t need to sit in their cars for hours on end and be late for work, school or any appointment. Another reason for getting a Segway is its friendliness to the environment. Since it does not need gas or fuel for it to run, these rides are really eco-friendly. This is one way to conserve energy and help our dying ecosystem. You would not see smoke coming out from these personal transports. And, because you do not need to gas up, you would be saving up on money, too. You can also use these rides anywhere. Whether you are just going to work or going trailing up a mountain, depending on the type of your Segway, you could take them along with you – or should I say, let it take you along for the ride. Some models are designed for rough terrain, just like ATVs and bicycles. For golf-lovers, it is also useful to have a Segway along with you to help you get to the next hole easily.


There are special kinds that are made so you could attach the golf club bag on it, and the tires won’t damage the turf. The only disadvantage of this personal transport is when it rains. Compared to cars, you would obviously get wet on your Segway when the rain falls. But, of course, you could always use an umbrella while on it. We can get a Segway for our own in different authorized outlets worldwide. Or you can just search online and select from a huge Segway section that would show you the different models, including the specially designed ones. Just make sure that you are buying from certified dealers to avoid taking home a knockoff.