Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

There are many reasons why you should install outdoor lighting fixtures outside your home. Perhaps the most important of all is for your peace of mind since you’d feel better knowing your home is secure and protected against the bad elements of society. Choosing the right lighting fixtures for your home’s exterior can provide the perfect backdrop for your landscape and it can illuminate the path leading to the entryway of the house.


However, one of the best purposes of outdoor lighting is so you’ll never walk to your car in the dark again. Not only does having ample illumination where you park your car safer but it also makes life easier for you when you get in and out of your car. Of course, in order to choose the best outdoor lighting fixture, you need to know each type first.


Sconce – this type is mainly used for aesthetic purposes rather than ample illumination. It consists of a single light bulb that is encased in a glass frame. The most typical sconces are installed on walls, although they can be erected from the ground, too. Because of the enclosure, light coming from sconces are usually dull.


Pool lighting – as the name suggests, this type of lighting fixture is installed in the pool area. Most pool lighting fixtures are submersible, which means they can be installed inside the pool. Not only do pool lights promote safety when you swim at night but these also create a dramatic effect in the areas surrounding the pool.


Floodlight – you’d normally find floodlights installed in residential and commercial areas. These are typically seen in sporting arenas, too, lighting the way for both athletes and spectators. Bright light bulbs are installed on a high pole to illuminate a large area brightly.


Entry light – this type of lighting fixture serves a decorative and useful purpose. A lantern is a type of entry light that does not only look aesthetically pleasing but it also lights the surrounding area leading to the door of your house brightly lit.


These are just some of the types of outdoor lighting fixtures you can use at home. You’d find many fixtures made of various materials like galvanized steel, brass, copper, and so much more. More often than not, since these are manufactured solely for outdoor use, these lights are weatherproof and durable enough to withstand the elements.


Make sure to choose lighting fixtures wisely so that these would complement the overall look of your home and not detract from it. More than the aesthetic appeal of the light; make sure to choose the type that ensures your home’s safety and security.